Welcome to the "Interdisciplinary approaches in C. elegans biology" Genie workshop!


        It will take place at IGDR in Rennes, on 12-13 November, 2015.

The scientific program will depend on your contributions but will mostly focus on: Biophysics, Modeling/simulation, Imaging and Quantitative biology. All aspects of C. elegans biology can be covered, from the one-cell embryo to signaling gradients, morphogenesis, patterning, neuronal biology etc.


        Abstract submission deadline:     Oct 18 for regular submissions


Registration fee*:          Single bedroom: 130€

                                     Double bedroom: 85€

                                     No bedroom: 60€

                                     After Oct 13: 150€

It includes one-night accommodation in a ***Hotel and three meals.

— If you wish to arrive early we can book an extra night for you but you will have to pay the hotel directly. Just send an email to gmichaux @ univ-rennes1.fr to arrange an early arrival. —

Payment deadline: Oct 13

Please click here to proceed with payment of the registration fee

* Up to 15 Genie members will be reimbursed (registration and travel - see below for the conditions). Should there be more demand for this workshop, we will open additional spots up to 30 participants. Note that these additional spots will not be eligible for reimbursement by COST.


IMPORTANT: This website is for abstract submission only. To proceed with payment of the registration fee, please click on the following link (available soon).



Rules for reimbursements; For a complete overview of the cost rules, please refer to the H2020 COST vademecum available on the COST web site.
This workshop is opened to 15 reimbursed GENiE participants, selected on a first-come, first-served basis.
- up to 2 meals covered (flat rates 20€/meal - breakfast not eligible in COST),
- accommodation: up to 2 nights (flat rate 90€/nights)
- participation to travel (real costs and up to 275€). Attention: taxi not eligible

Funding priority: to GENiE labs who have not benefited from COST funding (workshop, training school, STSM, Action meeting) -i) in the same granting period - ii) overall during the length of the Action
Note (when applications to the Action activities exceed capacities) only one activity/granting period/member lab subsidised, except for organisers (and thus participants) of one activity who can be eligible for reimbursement of another activity in the same granting period.
Selection of workshop participants and who is eligible for funding
• Participants: total number of participants fixed by the local organiser
• if the number of attendees is limiting, priority is given to GENiE labs, and GENiE labs
who have not attended another activity (workshop, training school, STSM, Action meeting)



Organiser: Grégoire Michaux

Scientific committee: Nate Goehring, Grégoire Michaux, Anne Pacquelet, Jacques Pécréaux




 COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020
COST is supported by the EU Framework Program Horizon 2020


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